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Amazon Pay-Per-Click Campaign

Whether you are a startup or a seasoned e-Commerce business, Amazon is the lion in the room that everyone is looking to master! If you are in this space, you’ve heard the horror stories about how challenging it was to set up, or how someone’s business lost thousands of dollars. We get it. To sell your products on Amazon and make a profit, you have to do things a certain way. And for most, it requires the help of an expert!

Are you looking for additional visibility on Amazon? Before you sink all of your money into Amazon advertising, you should know that they don’t make the process very easy for those DIY businesses! Sure, it is simple to get the campaign up and running, but if it is not properly optimized, it is a recipe for disaster! Lucky for you, we know a thing or two about getting products found online! When you work with No Boundaries Marketing Group, you’ll be working with an experienced Amazon PPC agency that will help you scale your eCommerce business and achieve the realistic results you are looking for! Using our experience with things like Amazon Sponsored Products, Product Display Ads, and Sponsored Brands, we’ll get your products in front of Amazon shoppers most likely to buy them. Take the worry, stress, and frustration out of managing your Amazon Paid Ads account and let us do the work for you. As a part of our program, we will set up and optimize the account, complete an extensive keyword research report, create and optimize the headline search ads and product displays, create dynamic display ads, optimize the product listings, perform A/B testing, and so much more.

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So What Is Our Key To Success?

Data, analytics, and transparency. We understand the data, we monitor and optimize based on the analytics, and we are transparent with our clients about what we are doing and how they are benefiting from our service. Pretty simple, right? While that may be an oversimplification, the reality is that we work our tails off to make our clients successful. We dig deep to discover how your potential customers are searching for the products and solutions you sell. This research shows us not only what keywords to target and bid on, but the best phrases to use in your ad copy and product pages to set the hook during the sales process. We also have an exhaustive competitive review process, so we can also understand how your competition is advertising and identify key opportunities to exploit.

Within our Amazon-sponsored products management, there are automatic and manual ad campaign strategies. Within automatic and manual campaigns, there are both keyword-based ads, product attribution targets, and a few other factors that we won’t bore you with here. Once your campaigns are running, we will carefully monitor your ad placement and keyword bids. This includes modified bidding strategies at the individual keyword level based on placement, impressions, performance, and more to get you the most visibility and clicks with the lowest advertising cost of sale (ACoS).

Ready to Sell on Amazon?

If you would like more information on how to sell your products on Amazon or would like a free, no-obligation review of your current Amazon campaigns, please give us a call! We would be happy to walk through our strategies and complete an audit of your current campaign to determine what opportunities might exist!

Ready to Sell on Amazon?

Month 1

  • Using Amazon Ads to Advertise
  • Up to 50 products can be targeted.
  • Setup of Amazon Sponsored Products.
  • The Amazon campaign setup
  • Creation and management of product display ads
  • Headline: Search Ads
  • Conversion tracking
  • Optimizing keywords
  • Optimizing Ads
  • Weekly PPC reports
  • Monthly PPC Performance Reports

Month 2 And Subsequent Months

  • Bid management
  • A/B split testing of advertisements.
  • Monitoring campaign progress and making adjustments.
  • Weekly PPC reports
  • Monthly PPC performance report
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