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Attorney Seo Case Studies

Social Security Disability Attorney

Businessman CEO

SEO Performance Prior to Redesign

In May 2017, a social security disability attorney approached us wanting to improve their local marketing performance using SEO. With a minimal online presence already established, they only had 46 targeted keywords ranking at the top of search engine results.

What We Did


First, we performed a comprehensive analysis of how their potential customers were finding their products and services using keyword research analysis.


The SEO strategy we designed featured optimization both off-page and on-page for their specific keywords.


We implemented consistency within their contact details, including their name, phone number and addresses, in all major business directories including Bing Local, Apple Maps and Google My Business


SEO friendly content was developed and implemented on relevant websites.


Videos about the business were created and distributed around the internet.

Attorney Case Study


Increase in traffic visiting the site with 219 visits in the last month.


Increase in organic visitors through Google, with 125 in the last month.


Increase in overall page views, with 474 received in the last month.

Personal Injury Attorney

Prior to SEO

In June 2016, a personal injury legal firm came to us having already established a modest online presence. They were interested in increasing traffic through organic rankings and to increase their customer base. However, their existing SEO strategy saw them having only a single keyword ranking in search engines.

Attorney SEO

What We Did


We identified the ways their existing customers were finding them and identifying new approaches in drawing new customers in.


We built an SEO strategy from the ground up featuring off- and on-page optimization of their target keywords.


We updated their contact details in all major business and local business directories to ensure consistency.


SEO optimized content was created and implemented on their website.


Videos were made about their business and distributed online.



Increase in the traffic visiting the site with 3,111 visits made in the most recent 6 months.


Increase in organic visitors through Google, with 1,076 recorded in the most recent 6 months.


Increase in overall page views, with 5,505 made in the previous 6 months.

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