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Auto Dealership Case Study


PPC Case Study for a Local Used Car Dealership

A local used car automotive dealership was referred to us by a current client and was having trouble with their current PPC campaign. Truthfully, they didn’t have the time, expertise, or resources to manage it in-house any longer. They were seeing month over month declines in their conversion rates and their budget getting out of control to compensate.



Poorly optimized campaign


No dedicated landing pages


No bid maximums


No negative keywords


Geography was not set properly

Used Car Dealership Case Study ppc

Our Solution:

As we completed our initial on-site and off-site audits, we started by creating new landing pages based on the types of vehicles consumers were looking for, such as Luxury SUV, Trucks, Full Size Car, and more. We used the clients current inventory management plugin to segment and feature these vehicles on the landing pages, so the client was viewing exactly what they were looking for when they searched. We revised the keyword strategy and broadened the focus from specific vehicle makes and models to general search terms giving them access to a much larger target audience. We revised the ad copy and created dozens of new ad groups, testing multiple ads with various headlines, descriptions, callouts, sitelinks, and more. We added over 130 negatives to the campaign and refined the geography to target a 10-mile radius, eventually expanding to a 15-mile radius, minimizing any waste. Lastly, we implemented a well-designed remarketing campaign which gave us additional conversion traffic at a low CPL.


In a 90-day period, we were able to grow the number of conversions by 172% while decreasing the cost per lead (CPL) by over 50%.

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