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Bail Bonds Case Study

SEO Case Study for a Local Bail Bonds Company

A local bail bonds company was referred to us in November of 2019 to help manage their online presence. They were doing everything in house and clearly, things weren’t working out. Having been in business for over 10 years, they lacked any real presence online, ranking for roughly 20 keywords. Through our detailed initial audit of the client’s online presence, we noticed dozens of incorrect online listings from their various new locations over the years, we noticed they had terrible reviews, none of which were responded too, and the website lacked any real content. They focused mostly on word of mouth, Yellow Page advertising, and Yelp for their new leads.



No updates to the website in over 12 months


Content was sporadic and not keyword centric


Online presence was a mess


No reputation management system in place

Our Solution:

Initially, we focused on tuning up the website. We implemented a new content strategy and created over 15 new pages for the site. We also worked with the client to create a weekly blog to reinforce the new inner pages. Next, we focused on all of the off-site attributes and completed a link detox to remove all of the spammy backlinks, we cleaned up their online presence correcting over a dozen online listings and creating roughly 30 new listings. We also implemented a digital reputation management system where the client would get notified of all new reviews and would respond to them through a consolidated dashboard. Lastly, we worked with the client to create an email marketing system where we would produce a new email each month to his current clients to make sure that we kept their business top of mind for future referrals.


In the first 30 days, we saw a complete turnaround for the business. Where the client initially had 20 keywords ranking on the 1st page, we saw that jump to just under 40 keywords! Within the first 90 days, we saw that number jump to over 75, increasing his site traffic 99.13% with just over 450-page views per month. At 6 months, we saw that number double again, with the client now ranking for over 150 keywords on the 1st page of Google!

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