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Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2022

Digital marketing is constantly changing, but in 2022, some substantial changes are expected. Companies and brands must prepare for the future of digital marketing and how to best profit from it. Meta – Facebook recently changed its name to Meta, as a signal of the...

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Top 12 Website Design Guidelines For Seo

Want to become an expert on how to use SEO when designing your website? Read on to discover top 12 guidelines for SEO-friendly website design. 1. MAKE SURE YOUR SITE NAVIGATION IS SEARCH ENGINE FRIENDLY Using Flash for navigation on your website can be bad news if you...

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Google Launches A New Feature – “Shops”

Google recently launched “Shops” to help customers with their shopping-related queries. The initial search result shows only three shops, but users can expand the results to view more merchants. The results are based on organic search ranking. Google recently launched...

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