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Branding is more than a clever logo. It is more than a creative tag line. It is more than an extravagant color scheme. We like to stress to clients, it is not just a look. Your brand is your identity, the first and last impression that a consumer has with your company. We like to look at your brand as a story. Do all the chapters flow together?

Perception is the root of all evils in the online world we live in now. Sadly, consumers will make a snap judgment about your business within 30 seconds of viewing your website. And like we mentioned before, it isn’t all about the visuals. Does your content tell a story? Does your brand invoke trust and loyalty with consumers? There are dozens of questions to ask when developing a brand strategy.

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When you have a minute, give us a call and let’s schedule some time to meet. Together, we will walk through a complete brand evaluation and audit of your online presence to give you an idea of where you stand. We do this for FREE because we know that the key to a successful lasting relationship is transparency.
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Symptoms Of Companies Who Have Lost Their Brand Identity

Over the years, we have worked with dozens of businesses to refine their message, hone in their key visuals, and develop a branding message that evokes trust, confidence, and loyalty with their ideal client. Some of the signs and symptoms of a struggling brand is:

Unorganized or Outdated Website


Inconsistent Message Between Sales Literature, Website, and Staff


Lack of Repeat & Referral Traffic


Poor Reviews


Poor Visibility In The Community

Benefits Of A Solid Brand

While it may sound self-explanatory, it is worth highlighting what happens when a company truly understands the value of branding. First and foremost, brands with a clear and consistent branding message statistically benefit from higher quality sales conversions, increased repeat and referral traffic, increased customer loyalty, community recognition, and believe it or not, increased employee satisfaction. Truth be told, everyone wants to be a part of something bigger, and by investing in your brand, your customers and staff are invited to be a part of that journey!

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Let’s Take A Look At Your Business’ Branding Strategy

Listen, nobody is saying that your brand needs a complete overhaul. Truth be told, most businesses that we work with just need some direction. Others might need some light graphic design work and consulting… Others need life support. We won’t know until we meet. Our Brand Consultations work like this: First, we will meet and talk about what your perceived challenges are. Next up, we will review your online presence and discuss your ratings and reviews. Lastly, we will comb over the website and any literature that you provide to clients about your products and services. From there, we will develop a comprehensive evaluation of what your brand opportunities are and how we can help! Keep in mind, this isn’t some quick one and done process, our review can take a few weeks depending on the nature of the business and our findings. Just know, it is well worth your time and investment.

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Give us a call today and let’s schedule some time to meet at (602) 377-7773.


What Is Branding In Business?

Branding for a business is more than just a logo. It is about distinction and making sure that you stand out from the crowd. Branding encompasses everything from colors palates and graphic design to content marketing. Making sure a business has a consistent brand message is critical to their overall success and making a great first impression!

Why Is Branding Important To A Business?

Branding is important to a business because it creates a consistent image in the minds of consumers, which allows businesses to develop a reputation. This reputation can be used for marketing and sales purposes, as well as for building trust among consumers.

What Are Branding Strategies?

Branding strategies are the tools that you use to help your brand build a strong presence for itself in the marketplace. These tools can be in the form of logos, slogans, or any other forms of marketing materials that help you communicate your message and build awareness for your brand.

What Is Branding Strategy?

The purpose of branding is to make a product or service stand out from competitors by creating an identity that consumers can associate with. Branding is the process of developing a recognizable name, symbol or design for a product or service. Brands are used to identify a specific product or business and help consumers differentiate one product from another.

What Is The Purpose Of Branding?

The purpose of branding is to build trust and loyalty with your target audience and make it easy to remember!
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