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Co-Op Advertising Service

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Co-Op Marketing

Do you get co-op marketing from a manufacturer, wholesaler, or channel partner? For businesses who do, it is an invaluable resource to help attract new clients and get your brand out there. For those who don’t, chances are you just haven’t asked! Did you know, according to Gleanster Research, that an estimated 50% of co-op funds go unused each year? Co-op marketing programs are designed to help businesses pay for a portion of their advertising costs and come from places like manufacturers, wholesalers, or channel partners. Typically, they are calculated or accrued based on a percentage of a business’s sales for that particular partners’ products or services. An example would be a tire manufacturer. They may offer an auto repair shop 10% back on their purchases on certain products purchased in a calendar year. That could mean big bucks for that auto repair shop if they are doing $250k in with that tire manufacturer in the year.

What do co-op programs pay for?

So, what exactly do co-op marketing programs pay for? To know for certain, you would need to talk to your suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and more. These are typically the channels that hold the money. If you think about it wisely, it is a win-win for everyone. You sell their products or services, they give you some money back to do some additional advertising, you sell even more of their products or services and you both make more money! These guys have a vested interest in your success and by providing things like marketing dollars, promotional products, free products or services, displays, and more, they increase the likeliness that you will sell more! Again, win-win!

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How do I get co-op funds?

Sadly, not everyone is forthcoming with information about their co-op programs. In many cases, your sales representatives might not even know it exists! So it doesn’t hurt to ask… The next time one of your product reps comes through the door, ask them. If your motivated after reading this and really want to know now, then shoot them and email. Just keep in mind, not everyone has an official “co-op program” so you might need to push. They might come back to you and remind you about that little wall display in the corner or that banner they sent you last year. Push harder. Again, they have a vested interest in your success. Before you reach out, be prepared! Know how much you spent with them in the last 12 months. Have projections ready for the next 90 – 120 days. Most importantly, have an ask ready for them. Be prepared to have a dollar amount or something in mind that you need help with and explain how this will also benefit them. Sell the salesperson on it! They are typically your biggest advocate within their organization.
So, what should you ask for? It is time to get creative! Here are some suggestion, and these will vary based on industry…

Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a fantastic way to help boost your website visibility and their product or service visibility. At No Boundaries Marketing Group, we can put together a specific proposal surrounding their products and services so you can break out costs specific to them.


Paid Advertising. PPC and Social Media ads are a great way to increase their brand recognition while driving traffic to your website and to your store! Every dollar in a paid and every lead generated in an advertising campaign can be tracked to show them the value in doing a co-op program with them!


PR Campaigns. PR is another great way to get both you and the partner some exposure through local or national channels! Imagine a feature on a local news station where you both are interviewed during a news segment. Or maybe you have a thought-provoking article in a nationally syndicated magazine or online news source. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that!


Dynamic Visuals. If you have a brick and mortar store, maybe some graphics for the front window might draw some attention your way. Maybe a new sign out on the roadway? If you are a service-based business like a plumber or electrician, maybe they will spring for a new wrap on your vehicle! Try to think outside the box and focus on what will attract attention from the outside in. Displays inside the store can be great, but those customers are already in the store. We want to increase your visibility to people who don’t know you!


Free Products or Discounts on Services. This is probably the most common form of co-op marketing because it is really in your channel partners favor. They can more closely control costs and it has a high perceived value from a business. Fact is, this may be a double-edged sword. Because most co-op funds are accrued, free products and services undermine your overall spend. You may make more money, but the channel partner may not see an incremental increase in sales which may lead to them pulling back from future programs.

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How can No Boundaries Marketing Group help?

At No Boundaries Marketing Group, we are here to support our clients in any way possible. If that means you need help reaching out to a channel partner, we have your back. If you need help creating a co-op proposal, we have your back. Maybe you need help negotiating a co-op request… We have your back! We have the experience you need to get the most out of a co-op marketing program. While some company publish their co-op program requirements, many do not. It is our job to help you reach out to these channel partners and figure out what they will and won’t do, and to create a proposal to help get their buy-in. We provide them real-time data and campaign summaries to show them exactly where their dollar went and all the data they can handle!

If you have any questions or would like to know more about co-op advertising and how we can help you, please give us a call today!

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