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Cosmetic Dentist Case Study

SEO Case Study for a Local Cosmetic Dentist

A well respected local cosmetic dentist was referred to us in mid-2019 to learn more about what it would mean for her practice if she would invest more effort into her online presence. On first glance, the website was aesthetically pleasing, had several engagement features, appeared to rank well. After a series of meetings, we completed a detail review of the practice’s online presence, paying close attention to the on-site and off-site SEO attributes, online listings, online reputation, and more. What we found was that the client clients current website provider dabbled in SEO but wasn’t proficient with how to implement various attributes such as the various schema markups, internal link optimization, or voice search optimization techniques. We found broken links on the site, duplicated or missing title tags and meta descriptions, and a few cases of duplicate content on the site. The real issue however was in their off-site optimizations. Their link portfolio was in the negative month over month for the last 3 months. In addition, the links that were being created were spammy and actually hurting the site more than helping…



Poorly optimized on-site SEO attributes


Broken links and duplicate content


Improper link building strategy

Our Solution:

During the first month of the project, we focused exclusively on tuning up the on-site attributes and getting the website to the point where all of the current SEO best practices had been addressed. Next, we completed a link detox where we analyzed over 9,000 backlinks and disavowed over 750 spam links that were hurting the websites rankings. Simultaneously, we removed and rewrote all of the duplicate content on the site and implemented a new content marketing strategy adding a new blog twice a month to the website. Lastly, we started a new link building strategy using a combination of PR for SEO and general link building to increase the link portfolio at an appropriate rate. The key was ensuring Google viewed our strategy as natural versus the previous strategy which was viewed as spammy.


In August of 2019, the website was ranking for 56 keywords on the 1st page of Google. Within 30 days, we had increased that to 65 keywords, refining the targeting of the current keyword list and focusing on more advantageous keywords that would bring in higher value traffic to the practice. By January of 2020, the practice was ranking for 271 keywords, a 1131% increase!

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