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Cosmetic Surgery Case Study

SEO Case Study for a Local Cosmetic Surgeon

In January of 2020, a local cosmetic surgeon in Phoenix, AZ was referred to us by a mutual friend to help with their organic rankings on Google. The client did not feel as though they were getting the best ROI out of the current marketing strategy from another SEO firm. After an initial review, we found that the current SEO provider, which was out of the client’s market, did not do their research to understand the area geographies. Consequently, was not properly optimizing the keywords on the site. In addition, the current SEO provider was focusing on dozens of cosmetic surgery procedures when the client almost exclusively focused on breast augmentation, mastopexy, facial implants, and soft tissue augmentation. We call this ‘watering down’ the strategy as they are focusing on more keywords than they have time to manage, meaning each keyword is only getting a little attention versus concentrating your effort on a few select keyword to create a more dynamic impact.



Inappropriate geographies being targeted


Improperly focused keyword targeting


Poor content strategy


Limited branding and market exposure

Our Solution:

To hit the ground running, we worked with the client over the first 30 days to refine the keyword targeting, content, and geographical focus. From there, we optimized the on-page and off-page SEO attributes to support our new direction and targeted keywords. From there, we developed a series on on-site and off-site blogs to help build trust and authority with Google for the given procedures to increase the client’s overall rankings. We supported these campaigns with our PR for SEO services where we provide additional visibility and exposure through high domain authority local media and influencer sources.


In the first 30 days, we saw the overall rankings retract as we refocused the campaign, removed toxic links, and implemented new targeted keywords. In the next 30 days, we saw the results jump dramatically. Where the client was previously ranking for 108 keywords on the first page of Google, they were now ranking for 133. We kept that momentum up with features in local magazines and periodicals, providing high authority backlinks helping improve our overall domain authority. At the 90-day mark, the client was now ranking for 142 keywords on the first page of Google and targeting the services that they were looking for…

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