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CRM Development Services for Small Business

What is a CRM?

In the CRM world there are a vast variety of different CRM’s to choose from! At No Boundaries we take pride in the work that we do and partner that with Zoho CRM. But what is a CRM? (CRM: Customer Relationship Management) A CRM is a cloud based business and marketing tool, which is exactly what No Boundaries uses daily to keep track of our progress. Not only does it help keep things organized, but it also provides sales and marketing tools such as analytics, help, and even customer management functions. All these functions combined help to form a practicable tool to keep track of data, allow for learning opportunities for not only you but clients as well. It allows data to not only show us why results are that way, but as well as the client which shows maximum transparency between business and consumer. When there is a large amount of information the best way to analyze it and break it down into understandable and visual content is through a CRM. This allows to not only physically represent data but as well as keep track of data and analyze either the growth or decline.
CRM Services

Check out some of the most popular CRM’s on the market!

Zoho CRM:

One of the many CRM’s is Zoho. Zoho is an amazing CRM and is what we use here at No Boundaries Marketing! Not only is Zoho a great CRM, but it also comes with a lot of other features as well. In Zoho there are different bundle kits that you can get that have over 27 different apps that work with the CRM cohesively for the best results. Zoho does a variety of different things to help create the best experience such as, Zoho Desk, Campaign, Form, Sign, Books and so much more. Zoho really helps to demonstrate data and is easy to work with. We count on Zoho everyday to be with us to get the job done!

HubSpot CRM:

HubSpot is another advanced CRM tool that can be used. This is used to help companies gain more traffic and help them grow. This is also used by businesses of all sizes and seen as one of the better CRM’s to work with! It can help to make integrations with third parties, SMS, meetings, as well as emailing. This CRM also helps sales people as they go about their schedule and manage their time well. This CRM shows tasks to make sure nothing is missed no matter how small/big something is. The CRM is able to take time away from miscellaneous issues so that way sales people get to spend more time doing what they do best!

Pipedrive CRM:

This CRM is again an advanced form of CRM used. This CRM focuses on a variety of different aspects such as emails, negotiations, calls, sales, marketing, and integration. Whether your business is large or small, all sizes can use this and benefit from it. Pipedrive’s biggest attribution is the ability to help with marketing as well as the entire sales side for all types of online businesses. Pipedrie also offers phone, email, calendar, apps, and more! Many sales people love it because it takes a lot off their plate, it’s easy to use, and frees up more time to do more things.

Insightly CRM:

Insightly like all CRM’s have their best qualities, Insightly’s best attributes are with leads! They include increased activity timelines, emailing, phone calls, meetings, and task management. They get businesses to grow regardless of size, they are likely to see that sales people have more time to do what they do best by keeping in touch and communicating with the customer. Then the manager can monitor the sales representative, which in turn will create more revenue! Insightly brings a lot of different features such as managing their customers’ relationship with the sales representative/process. Which overall helps website development, managing CRM, and integration!

Freshsales CRM:

Freshsales CRM is an app, and a CRM. This one is a bit different so if you’re looking for something different and to stand out this is a great place to start. Like all CRM’s you are provided with data opportunities and are able to engage in personalized conversations. This CRM also generated personalized reports for each customer! And you don’t have to take anyone’s word! They’re recommended by a variety of companies and have shown to be successful. Much like the other CRM’s, this one also has a free trial however this one is 21 days therefore you get a better feel of how you can realistically use the CRM in the long run.


AgencyBloc is another CRM that can even be accessible and run from a mobile setting. This is a great attribute to any person, as many know trying to run anything is time consuming so having that chance to look quickly at your phone in between meetings can be incredibly helpful. It is also very convenient for any clients that are also busy and don’t want to go through you to get data or wonder about something. They can also just pull it up on their phone. They also include policy renewal reminders, new lead assignment notifications, and organizing your day to day activities all in one spot.

Salesforce CRM:

Lastly, not not least is Salesforce! Salesforce has over 150,000 companies that have experienced drastic growth and find that small and big companies both benefit from this CRM. This CRM keeps track of every customer interaction for your documentation, it also sends personalized messages and uses data from multiple places. Another great aspect that every business person values is that their business data is secure. At Salesforce you can count on them to keep your business on track and secure. They also have customizable scales for any size company. Many clients respond to this CRM with +36% sales productivity, 26% more deals, 25% increase in sales revenue, 38% better forecasting!

If your business is struggling with maintaining customer management, data organization, or specific marketing tools, call or email No Boundaries Marketing today. We are proud to offer set up, training and utilization of many different types of CRM products to help your business become more manageable and organized.

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