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Attorneys provide an essential service, helping consumers and businesses navigate the complexities of our justice system. It is important for consumers to find the right representation to address often very difficult personal or challenging situations. However, for the actual attorneys themselves, getting in front of your target audience can be challenging to say the least in an incredibly competitive industry. An effective marketing strategy is critical to a firm’s overall success. The foundation of any firm’s online presence starts with a well organized, content rich engaging website. This content is what helps establish the credibility and expertise that the law firm provides, oftentimes focusing on core competencies, results, and key visuals to help connect the dots for consumers.

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How Digital Marketing For Attorneys Can Benefit a Law Firm

An effective marketing strategy for a law firm will offer a number of benefits, not only for generating new leads, but reinforcing and solidifying repeat and referral traffic. Digital marketing, especially SEO, is the best way to get your law firm out there and in front of more potential clients. The key to success with search engine optimization is to focus the strategy down to areas that the firm wants to focus on. Broad keywords may lead to irrelevant traffic but hyper focused keywords can drive higher conversion rates. Another successful strategy is to define specific geographies that the firm serves versus a metro or region. The broader the geography, typically the more competitive the keyword will be and the longer it will take to achieve 1st page rankings.

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Another successful marketing strategy is to run a targeted PPC (pay-per-click) campaign. A PPC campaign can immediately target a specific keyword category and/or geography to get the law firm in front of consumers immediately, without having to wait for organic rankings to increase with SEO. A well defined PPC strategy will include many of the same optimization components provided in an SEO strategy, such as targeted keyword research, content optimizations, key visuals, and other on-site optimizations. The important difference between the two is that you are paying for placement in a PPC model, versus earning your placement with an SEO strategy.

To take your law firm’s digital marketing to the next level, there are several other components or marketing strategies we may recommend to drive the results you are looking for. At No Boundaries Marketing Group, we provide services ranging from website design & development, custom app development, social media management, social ads, email marketing, reputation management, and so much more! Our goal is to simplify the marketing and advertising world and become a firm’s true marketing department!

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