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Event Planner Case Study


PPC Case Study for a Local Event Planner

A local event planner in Oregon reached out to us to increase the ROI from their Pay Per Click campaign. They felt that they could be and should be doing better based on their investment. After a detailed review of their current campaign, we found that there were virtually no conversions coming from the PPC campaign. Their perception of where their leads were coming from was based on client’s feedback when they asked them how they found them… They did not have a detailed enough line of questioning to determine if they consumer was searching organically or if they clicked on the paid advertisements at the top of Google.

When we dove into the account, we noticed that the keywords being targeted were extremely broad and for services that they don’t really want to advertise for. The geography was focusing on a 150+ square mile radius which was way too large for their budget. Lastly, the ad copy was poor, and everything was directed to their home page and not a targeted landing page for the campaign…



Campaign was not set up properly


Keywords were not properly optimized


There were no negatives set up, so they were receiving clicks from irrelevant searches


Poor ad copy


There were no landing pages created for the various campaigns

Event Planner Case Study ppc

Our Solution:

We designed a campaign strategy that included dynamic text adverts, customized landing pages, and a number of remarketing campaigns that re-engaged the potential customer using the Google Display Network. We set up conversion tracking to track contact form submissions and used call tracking to record the calls to help measure the campaigns overall effectiveness.


Over 120-day period, we increased conversions nearly 200% and decreased the cost per conversion by over 90% providing this client a true 180-degree campaign turn around! In addition to our success with conversion, we also increased traffic to the site by over 130% and their impression share by nearly 145%!

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