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Hearing Aid Company Case Study

SEO Case Study for a Local Hearing Aid Company

A hearing aid company in the Tucson, AZ area approached us in October of 2019 to help them improve their online presence. Historically, they focused on print advertising to reach their target audience but over the last few years, they have been getting feedback from clients that it was difficult to find them online. With budgets being a chief concern, they wanted to gradually increase their rankings and online presence through SEO.

After we completed their initial review, we found that they were working from a templated website that they put together “in a few hours” as they put it. There were no SEO settings implemented and lack content and aesthetic qualities. Having no keywords ranking on the first page of Google, this was the perfect time to build them a new custom site and implement a local SEO strategy.



Templated website


Lack of content


No keywords ranking on Google


No online listings or reviews

Our Solution:

We worked with the client to develop a new, custom WordPress website, produced over 20 pages of content highlighting the various hearing aid products and services the client offers, and created a series of graphics to help create engagement on the new website. From there, we started with a small local SEO program focusing on 10 core keywords, eventually increasing their spend and expanding the program to over 30 as they saw the results. We created a series of internal and external blog posts, article citations, infographics, and more to create high value off-site links. The goal was to help Google view the business as a trusted authority in the hearing aid market.


hearing aid company case study result
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