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Meet Josh Herb

Hello, my name is Josh Herb! I am a seasoned digital marketing expert with over 5 years of experience in navigating the dynamic landscape of online advertising. Specializing in Facebook, Google, and SEO marketing strategies, I share skills to help businesses thrive in the ever-evolving digital realm.
With a passion for helping businesses achieve their goals, I approach each project with honesty, transparency, and integrity at the forefront. My true dedication to delivering results stems from a genuine desire to see my clients succeed.

Beyond my professional endeavors, I have a multitude of hobbies and interests. A music enthusiast at heart, I find solace in strumming my guitars and exploring new melodies. In my downtime, you’ll often find me immersed in the world of video games, where I stream part-time to Youtube, Twitch, and Facebook gaming.

Despite my professional life, my true pride and joy is my family. As a devoted husband to my loving wife Lorena and a doting father to three energetic boys, Carson, Caiden, and Parker along with my two playful dogs Bella and Ash, I find balance and fulfillment in nurturing my cherished family.

Driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence and armed with a wealth of experience, I’ll be your go-to partner for navigating the complexities of digital marketing and unlocking the potential of your business in the digital world.

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