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Liquor Delivery Case Study


PPC Case Study for a Regional Liquor Delivery Service

While the COVID-19 restrictions weren’t kind to many small businesses, it allowed others to flourish. One of those was a liquor delivery/distribution service out of Texas. This client came to us with an urgent need, they had no experience running a Pay Per Click campaign but saw an opportunity to break into several markets. Their growth plan was aggressive and needed a program that could be easily adapted to new markets as they grew. After we completed a detailed audit of their website, we identified several areas of opportunity that we would need to fix before running a local or regional campaign with any success.



New company


Limited brand exposure


No historical data to improve upon


No landing pages to drive traffic

Liquor Delivery Case Study ppc

Our Solution:

The main challenge was to hit the ground running as quickly as possible. With competitors eyeing the same consumers that they were, it was only a matter of time before another company beat them to the punch. In a historical 7 day turn around, we managed to create and optimize 12 landing pages for various cities around their main geography. We created numerous ad groups and ad copy based on time of day, convenience factors, and various promotions designed to engage their target audience. We also optimized the campaign and focused on a mobile first bid strategy as historically, their analytics showed their organic traffic favored mobile devices 4:1.

We aggressively monitored and proactively optimized the campaign over a 90-day period adding over 600+ keywords to the negatives, implemented attribution modeling to set separate targets for high value keywords, and created an additional 16 landing pages for new geographies.

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