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Local SEO

Most businesses ask us, what is the difference between an agency that does SEO and one that focuses on local SEO? Believe it or not, there is a big difference. Local SEO focuses on a geographical area while standard SEO programs focus mostly on the website. We know, that didn’t make much sense so allow us a chance to break this down a little more.

Local SEO is the practice of building signals of relevance around a specific product or service in a particular geography. This helps in both the organic rankings and the maps block, giving a business additional opportunity to show up in the search results. The key here is geography. We try and help clients understand the concept of ‘owning your home first’ before you start exploring other areas.

What we mean by that is statistically, it is easier to rank locally in the city you do business in versus another city across the way. Example, if you are a flower shop in Peoria Arizona that is looking to improve your rankings online, it would be easier to rank in Peoria, AZ versus Phoenix, AZ. There may be more search volume in Phoenix as a major city, but you are more likely to rank in Peoria due to your address. As time goes on and Google finds you more trustworthy and an authority in Peoria for a various search terms, then you can start expanding out to surrounding geographies.

How Does Your Business Appear Online?

Curious how your business appears online? Our tool is more than just a quick review of your website… We look at things like on-site and off-site recommendations, social engagement, competitor analysis, listings review, reputation score, and so much more. Truth be told, normal audits like this run upwards of $199… Rest assure, ours is free to use.

What Do We Do Different For Local SEO?

The task items for Local SEO versus Organic or National SEO are slightly different. We mostly focus on adding GEO tags on to keywords like “Local SEO, Surprise AZ”. This is providing Google and the major search engines with a geography signal for a specific area. The idea there is that we are telling Google that we are a local SEO company in Surprise, AZ. When you tag your links and content like this, again, in theory you become the trusted resource for these things in the eyes of the major search engines thus appearing higher in the search engines. Now that was an oversimplification but hopefully you get the idea now.

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