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Media Outreach & Placement For Local Businesses

Media Relations, Outreach, and Placement are critical elements of a well-rounded marketing and communication strategy. Since public relations is a vital piece of any online business development plan, the overall success of a digital campaign may not be reached without the right media exposure. Perception for most businesses is that they have about as much of a chance getting featured on a major media affiliate as they do of winning the lottery… But that is just not the case! The key to a successful media strategy is all about the message, relationships, and placement.

What has made No Boundaries Marketing Group so successful in Media Outreach and Placement is our relationships with local, regional, and national media outlets, trade publications, and more. With a decade of experience in working with editors, reporters and journalists throughout the US, UK and Canada, we can get your message delivered to the right media contacts at the right time.

Media Outreach & Placement for Local Businesses

How Can I Get My Business In Front Of Media Outlets?

To get your business out in front of various media outlets, you need to start with a pitch. We explain it like this… Media outlets are starved for awesome content, so they need you as much as you need them. The goal is to find the right audience and put together a dynamic pitch. Often times, you only get one shot at this, so a well-crafted message is important. Where most businesses go wrong is they are trying to advertise their business and promote their products and services. Product pushes will get your request sent right over to the advertising department where they will try and sell you some expensive media buy. We work with editors, reporters, and journalists to solve a need, that way they have a vested interest in featuring your business!

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Unfortunately, there is so much more to this than we can put into words here, and every business has a unique need. Whether you are looking for local media coverage or a feature on a major news site like Fox News or CNN, we have the connections! Give us a call and let us know what you’re looking for and who you would like to get in front of!
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