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Painting Contractor Case Study

SEO Case Study for a Local Painting Contractor

In March of 2020, a local painting contractor responded to one of our social media posts and wanted to get more information on increasing their rankings online in the Phoenix, AZ market. After conducting a thorough audit of his online presence, we were able to identify several opportunities that included incorrect listings online, inappropriate geographies being targeted through his current SEO provider, and duplicate content throughout his website. We concluded that he was only showing up for roughly 10% of the searches in his given area. In fact, he has a stronger presence in a distant market that he didn’t even serve. When all this came to light, he now realized why he kept getting calls from areas that he wasn’t advertising in…



Incorrect and duplicate online listings


Duplicate content on the website


Unsuitable on-site SEO attributes present


Lacking content

Our Solution:

To fix these issues, we started first by correcting the duplicate listings and the incorrect listings online to ensure if a person was searching for his business, they could find it. We simultaneously started working on the on-site optimizations, updating the title tags, meta descriptions, alt tags, schema markup and more. From there, we worked with the client to update the content on the site and create a series of blogs over the next 90 days that would help support our new content strategy. We also worked with the client to develop a review system to where an automatic email would be sent out to clients after he completed the job requesting feedback and a review online.


The client started with 7 keywords on the first page of Google with an average position of 6. After just 30 days, we saw 8 new keywords jump to the first page. Over the next 60 days, we saw 28 new keywords pop on to the first page of Google, increasing his overall visibility and impressions by 86%.

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