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Plumbing Contractor Case Study


PPC Case Study for a Local Plumbing Contractor

A local plumbing contractor in Phoenix, AZ was referred to us by another client for help with their PPC program. They were using a large national marketing agency to manage their Pay Per Click campaign and they were seeing a diminishing ROI month over month. Unfortunately, it got to the point where for certain services, they were overpaying for the leads which was having serious consequences for their bottom line. Once we were able to dive into the campaign, we noticed that the bid maximums for various keywords was set way to high, driving up their cost per conversion. We also noticed that the targeted geography was off, sending their technicians over 50 miles away from their normal service area impacting yet again their bottom line. We also noticed that they were missing ad extensions, callouts, and other basic PPC features to increase conversion rates. The PPC provider also failed to create customized landing pages and was sending everything to the home page of the client’s website where we were seeing high bounce rates.



Poorly optimized ad campaign


No landing pages


No ad extensions, callouts, or sitelinks


Generic ad copy

Plumbing Contractor Case Study ppc

Our Solution:

To get these guys back on track, we started by developing a series of customized landing pages for water heater repair, clogged drain, and various other targeted ad groups. We tested various ad copy to determine which ad or ads would provide the highest conversion rates. We also expanded their keyword list, set up conversion actions pages (Thank You pages), and provided them access to a real-time call record system so we could evaluate calls easily and make adjustments to the program on a more regular basis. Once the campaign was dialed in, we used AI technology to automate the bid management which drove down the cost per conversion significantly in as little as 30 days. We also reduced their management fee from 50% to roughly 25% saving them thousands of dollars each year.


Over a 3-month time frame, we saw an increase in conversions and a decrease in the cost per conversion month over month. We saw our impression share double in this time period and traffic to the site increase over 102%.

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