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Retargeting Ads

Retargeting or Display Ads are those wonderful little ads that seem to be everywhere you go online. Following you from website to website popping up inconspicuously over there on the side of a webpage or perhaps more obnoxiously right in the middle of the screen. We get it, those ads may not be everyone’s best friend but businesses sure like them! Why you ask? Because they work! Retargeting is a clever way to connect with visitors to your website who may not have made an immediate purchase or inquiry. It allows you to position targeted ads in front of a defined audience that had previously visited your website – as they browse elsewhere around the internet.

Here is an easy way to visualize it:

Without getting overly technical, retargeting ads work like this. A piece of JavaScript is placed in the footer of your website creating a list of people who visit your site placing anonymous retargeting “cookies” on their computer. As consumers visit other sites across the internet, businesses with active retargeting campaigns can target these consumers and serve ads through various ad networks. So why is it so effective? Because you are retargeting consumers who are already familiar with your brand and they have an interest in your products and/or services.

Retargeting Ads in Surprise, AZ

Make Your Current Ad Campaigns More Effective

Statistically speaking, website visitors are 7x more likely to convert for clients with an active retargeting campaign. So, imagine this, you are running a direct mail or PPC campaign. You are spending all this money to drive traffic to your website, but we all know that not every visitor will convert. Afterall, not everyone is ready to purchase right then and there because you ran an ad. Sometimes, people are just window shopping, maybe researching in advance of a purchase. As a general rule of thumb, it takes 5 – 7 times for a consumer to see a brand for that brand to resonate in their memory. By running a display ad campaign, you can help increase the likelihood that you will be selected when it does come time for that consumer to make a purchase!

Are You Ready to Work With Us?

When you have a minute, give us a call and let’s schedule some time to meet. Together, we will walk through a complete audit of your online presence and give you an idea of where you stand. We do this for FREE because we know that the key to a successful lasting relationship is transparency.

How Much Do Retargeting Campaigns Cost?

Every client is different. While some companies sell retargeting campaigns in specific amounts, we prefer to run the numbers and see what is in our client’s best interest. The way we come to our number is by analyzing the amount of search traffic to your site currently, assess any other current marketing campaigns both current and future, and look at the search traffic as a whole for the industry. Through our comprehensive analysis, we can see approximately how many ad impressions a client is going to need and then can arrive at an amount.

Where Do These Ads Show Up?

Good question. All over! There are a variety of networks that we utilize to ensure our clients receive the maximum impression share. We use local and national affiliates to make sure our clients are visible where people are searching. Those websites may include ABC15 (Arizona), Phoenix New Times, CNN, Fox News, WebMD, and more… Rest assure, these are high performing high traffic websites that the average consumers use. Remember one thing, retargeting ads follow consumers who have visited your website to other sites that they are searching. The websites we serve ads on are 100% driven by where these clients go. If a person visits your website and then goes to, fantastic! We can probably run ads on for your business!

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Our PPC Retargeting Plans

Our retargeting plans can be added on to an existing PPC campaign or ran as a stand alone retargeting campaign. Either way, retargeting is an essential part of any successful digital marketing strategy. Up to 95% of the traffic to your will not convert or engage, and there is only one way to target those visitors after they leave! With our retargeting campaigns, we will continually show banner ads across Google’s Display Network to visitors who have visited your website!
Maximum Ad Spend

(Not part of plan - funded Separately)

Up to $ Up to $ Up to $
Month 1 Setup
Account Setup Green Tick Green Tick Green Tick
Remarketing Tag Installation Green Tick Green Tick Green Tick
Page Sepecific Retargeting Orange Line 5 Pages 10 Pages
Display Network GDN GDN GDN + Adroll
Image ads 1 4 8
Google Display Banners 1 2 3
Ongoing Monthly
New Banner Creations Orange Line Green Tick Green Tick
New Google Display Banners Orange Line Green Tick Green Tick
A/B Ads Split testing Orange Line Green Tick Green Tick
Placement Optimization Basic Advanced Advanced
Weekly Reporting Green Tick Green Tick Green Tick
Monthly Reporting Green Tick Green Tick Green Tick
If we cannot turn on remarketing in 1 month, we would run display campaign till cookies are generated. Then switch to remarketing.
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