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Social Media Engagement

Creating good content on your social media channels may be challenging, but it is the only way to create the engagement that makes each account successful. Social media engagement is one of the top three ways to measure the success of social media marketing. Putting your audience first is essential for creating engagement. There are several different ways to pull it off successfully.

  • Get Personal
    Address your readers by putting them in the post. This will make your posts sound natural and authentic, like they’re talking with a friend. Write in first person and do not use complicated jargon that could make it hard for your audience to really relate to you. Make sure that your posts reflect your personality while remaining authentic and personable. Readers will engage with your content if they find it, and you, genuine.

  • Inspire Emotion
    Pulling on your readers heart strings is a sure fire way to gain optimum social media engagement. Everyone needs a good laugh, or ten – especially when times are tough. Humor and positivity can help people remember your brand so that they know where to go for good content.

    Your followers want to be entertained, so planning each post to be what your audience is looking for can help draw in the right people for your niche. Make the engagement memorable and you will stand out from the competition. If you truly understand what your readers can relate to and enjoy, they will want to engage with your content.

    Sharing inspirational content from other sites guarantees increased engagement. But be careful about sharing too much inspirational content. That may convince some readers that you are just showing off and want a pat on the back.

    Making your readers think is another great way to foster genuine engagement. Sometimes people need to be shown a new way to think and that is what your social media content can do. Intellectual content will show your readers that you are just like them and want to expand your mind as well. Take your readers on a think ride! That means you see something, start thinking about it and come to a surprising conclusion and/or learn something new. If you cannot come up with intellectual content yourself, share it from other social media pages.

  • Open-Ended
    This kind of content gives you and your audience a lot of freedom. Ask your followers what they are looking for and listen to them. Notice their reactions to different kinds of content. If something is clearly not working on your social media channels, stop doing it. Get creative with question and answer content, surveys, quizzes, #ask me anything, or contests. People love options and games, it inspires them to engage with social media. People will engage with your content if you give them a reason to.

  • Real Time
    The skill of posting real time content takes time to get it right. Jen Gray at HelloWorld says there are four questions to ask yourself about posting content in real-time. What is the ultimate goal? Do you have something to say? Is the message authentic to the brand’s voice? Does it add value to the consumer relationship? It is so easy for real time content to be altered. Tread lightly on those posts so that your audience sticks around.

    Those are just a few of the many ways to increase social media engagement. Some strategies will work and some will not. Keep practicing and people will naturally want to engage with your content.

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