30/60/90-day Recruitment Marketing Plan

30/60/90-day Recruitment Marketing Plan

30/60/90-day Recruitment Marketing Plan

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The world has been changing a lot recently. The pandemic has completely shaken up the job market, and therefore it has completely changed the way that recruitment must me done. In order to continue being a successful business, you must continue finding new employees, but you must do it in a way that keeps up with the changing of times.
Whether or not your business has been hit hard by the pandemic, a lack of incoming talent can massively hurt the growth of a company. A comprehensive strategy of both finding new prospective employees, as well as maintaining and improving your relations with the workers you already have is essential to success in this new modern landscape of employment.
The current worker atmosphere presents some new challenges. A long time working from home has made people more sensitive to the conditions of their employment, and recruitment needs to be done with this situation in mind to be successful. In order to facilitate that, your 30/60/90 Day Recruitment Marketing Plan will be the ideal strategy to help you navigate modern hiring, and help your business rocket to the top.

30-day plan:

Taking stock of the situation
The first 30 days are the most important. Having a good initial response can give you the leg up you need to succeed in your recruiting, With current high unemployment rate, taking advantage of the situation early is key.


Communication with your employees about how you’re handling the current situation.
How you plan to catch the eye of people searching online for job opportunities.
Making clear how your business is dealing with current social and political issues.
The logistics of how your recruiting will work during the pandemic.

People looking for jobs will be looking online, so all of your recruitment efforts should be concentrated there. A good website and good online marketing should be your priority.

60-day plan:

Get ready for a return to normal

As pandemic restrictions wind down, and employees start to return to in-person work, it is important to consider how this change will affect your business. Designing a strategy to return to normal is just as important is a strategy for the pandemic itself.


Communication with your employees about returning to on-site working.
A plan to keep safe during this transitional period.
A plan for how you will safely train new employees.
How you are going to keep your hiring needs in mind when your workers are online.

The 60-day plan will need to include the possibility of returning pandemic restrictions as well as a plan to deal with opening up. A plan to close down will likely have to include a way to transition back to the methods outlined in your 30-day plan.

90-day plan:

Continue your upwards trajectory

As you transition into the 90-day plan, things will have returned to normal, and other businesses will be adjusting back to normal as well. It is important to plan for this to stay ahead of the game.


Improving your marketing to job searchers to keep on top of recruitment.
Maintaining proper communication with all of your employees.
A plan to deal with the situation if something like this happens again.

As crazy as it sounds, it is important to plan for events like this not just in the present, but in the future as well. Being ready will make sure that you are ahead of your competition.

Building your 30/60/90-day plan

Now that you have your outline, it’s time to create your plan. The template below will help you make your strategy come to life.


As per iCIMS reports, 83% of millennials, 68% of Gen-Xers and 53% of Boomers use Google during their job search. You can expect these numbers to go high with Gen-Z joining the workforce.

67% of candidates visit the company website before they apply for a job. (CVViZ)

55% of job seekers say they use social media and professional networks during the job search. (CVViZ)

CVViZ 2022 Recruitment Statistics Link:

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