Advanced Technical SEO Strategies: Going Beyond the Basics for Competitive Advantage

Advanced Technical SEO Strategies: Going Beyond the Basics for Competitive Advantage

Advanced Technical SEO Strategies: Going Beyond the Basics for Competitive Advantage

by | Aug 31, 2023 | Technical SEO category


In the dynamic realm of SEO, there’s an ever-pressing need to evolve and adapt. Basic techniques form the foundation, but it’s the advanced strategies that offer a real competitive edge. No Boundaries Marketing Group is here to guide you beyond the basics, simplifying the complex for your business advantage.

Recap of Technical SEO Basics

A strong foundation in SEO encompasses:

Advanced Structured Data & Schema Markup

Dive deeper into structured data:

  • Explore a variety of Schema types.
  • Enhance search visibility with rich snippets.
  • Optimize for voice search using advanced Schema applications.

CDNs & Web Performance Optimization

Speed is more than just a metric:

  • Understand the value of Content Delivery Networks.
  • Tap into advanced speed enhancements like browser caching and compression.
  • Adopt image and video optimization strategies that boost site performance.

JavaScript SEO

Navigate the intricate world of JavaScript:

  • Address SEO challenges presented by JavaScript-reliant sites.
  • Make dynamic content accessible to search engine crawlers.
  • Implement pre-rendering and dynamic rendering techniques.

Advanced Mobile SEO Techniques

In our mobile-centric era, upgrade your strategies with:

  • The advantages of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).
  • Progressive Web Apps (PWA) for an enhanced mobile user experience.
  • Insights into mobile-first indexing and its significance.

Server Log Analysis for SEO

Go behind the scenes with server logs:

  • Grasp how server logs offer insights into search engine behavior.
  • Maximize crawl efficiency and tackle crawl budget issues.
  • Detect and rectify 4xx and 5xx errors for a smoother user experience.

Optimizing for Core Web Vitals & Page Experience

Stay ahead with Google’s evolving standards:

  • Dive into the nuances of Core Web Vitals.
  • Implement techniques to optimize LCP, FID, and CLS metrics.
  • Recognize the rising importance of user-centric page experience in SEO.

Advanced Linking Strategies

Redefine linking for a digital age:

  • Leverage the power of deep linking.
  • Create and utilize hub pages for concentrated value.
  • Strategize anchor text distribution for better link equity.

International and Multilingual SEO

Expand your global reach with:

  • Effective configuration of hreflang tags.
  • Understanding the strategic choice between ccTLDs, subdomains, and subdirectories.
  • Solutions for common multilingual SEO challenges, such as duplicate content.

Monitoring and Advanced Reporting

Harness the power of data with:

  • Advanced tools for comprehensive SEO analysis.
  • Setting up proactive alerts to catch SEO deviations.
  • Advanced data visualization for clearer, actionable insights.


In the fast-paced world of SEO, standing still is not an option. At No Boundaries Marketing Group, we not only strive to understand the surface but delve deep into your business. Our commitment to simplicity and transparency is unwavering, and together, we can chart a course toward unparalleled digital success. Don’t hesitate to ring us at (602) 377-7773.

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