Announcing Our New Marketing Internship with ASU!

Announcing Our New Marketing Internship with ASU!

Announcing Our New Marketing Internship with ASU!

by | May 16, 2022 | General

We are getting an influx of youth! A select number of Arizona State University students are currently enrolled in an internship program where they are looking to build their skills and get valuable experience in the workforce to use once they obtain their degree. Our team here at No Boundaries is here to help and inspire the next wave of great minds in the world.

We are excited to announce our partnership with Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey’s School of Business to offer these kinds of internships to willing and hard-working students looking to get a leg-up on their peers.

ASU’s 2022 Virtual Venture Internship includes the assistance of us here at No Boundaries Marketing Group, LLC to help students receive personal mentorship as well as get a feel for working with diverse people and personalities. Our goal is to provide positive reinforcement and encourage students to assist in team-building activities and develop their own personal workstyle.

More About The Virtual Venture Internship

Virtual Venture Internship, hosted by the J. Orin Edson Entrepreneurship + Innovation Institute, is an opportunity open to eligible ASU students to cultivate their skills while helping a local organization grow.

Jared Byrne, the Director for the Center of Entrepreneurship at ASU who is helping facilitate this process, says his program is a highlight for him because “It provides an amazing opportunity for our awesome students to connect with some of our great community ventures. Overall – it is just an amazing program!” 

According to ASU, their goal is to work with local Phoenix startups and businesses over the course of seven weeks during the summer to promote:

  • General business/operations
  • Social media strategy 
  • Customer solutions
  • Communications
  • Data analytics 
  • Product development

We Won’t Bite!

Sometimes it can be scary when you finish college and then you enter the world understandably a little timid. We want to give comfort to students who might feel this way and show them that teamwork, good attitude and a strong work ethic will take them far. 

They will be a part of the team like full-time workers, even though they are only scheduled for 10 hours a week. We want to make them feel at home and feel like no question is a stupid one while simulating what it would be like to work with us. Of course, that means fun as well! We like to celebrate birthdays, weird holidays and keep culture fun with still the main emphasis being on helping clients with their marketing needs. 

How Will They Impact Us?

Our interns will help out with a variety of projects. They will learn how we utilize our marketing skills to provide the best content for our clients. Whether that will be help with website design, social media, content creation, or even basic branding, we want to give them a sampler of what we offer with the hopes of making them excited about marketing. We are also extremely excited to hear their perspective. These students will help keep us young and provide viewpoints through a lens that we might not be looking through.

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