Conducting a Technical SEO Audit: Identifying and Fixing Issues

Conducting a Technical SEO Audit: Identifying and Fixing Issues

Conducting a Technical SEO Audit: Identifying and Fixing Issues

by | Aug 24, 2023 | Technical SEO category


SEO is multifaceted, and its technical dimension is crucial for any digital platform. A stable foundation is akin to a site’s heartbeat. Here at No Boundaries Marketing Group, we demystify the complex and bring clarity, ensuring your digital footprint remains impactful.

Grasping Technical SEO

While content garners attention and backlinks expand reach, technical SEO is about ensuring a website’s foundation is robust. It’s about making sure search engines efficiently navigate, understand, and catalog your site.

What’s Inside a Technical SEO Audit?

An audit is comprehensive and touches upon:

  • Website Crawling & Indexing: Ensuring search engines smoothly access your pages is the first step towards visibility.
  • Website Performance: Users don’t wait for slow sites. Enhancing speed improves both user satisfaction and search engine love.
  • Security & Accessibility: A secure, easy-to-access site keeps both users and search engines happy.

Resources for Your Audit

With tools like Google Search Console, Screaming Frog, and GTmetrix, our experts at No Boundaries in on your website intricacies, leaving no corner unchecked.

Navigating a Technical SEO Audit

Ready for an audit? Here’s your guide:

  • Kick-off with Site Crawl: Understand your site from a bird’s perspective, spotting crawl inefficiencies.
  • Addressing Indexing Concerns: It’s vital to ensure pivotal pages get indexed, while unnecessary ones remain hidden.
  • Optimizing Website’s Speed: Identify bottlenecks and enhance your site’s responsiveness.
  • Mobile-Friendly Checks: As mobile browsing dominates, guaranteeing mobile adaptability is essential.

Is your web page mobile-friendly? Check here.

  • Security Checks: Migrating to HTTPS instills user trust.
  • Reviewing Site Navigation: A clear path is key for both users and search algorithms.

 Typical Technical SEO Hurdles and Solutions

Certain challenges are common during audits:

  • Handling Duplicate Content: Using canonical tags streamlines content presentation for search engines.
  • Addressing Dead Links: Spot and repair these dead links to enhance user experience.
  • Sitemap Discrepancies: Keep your sitemap updated to help search engines comprehend your site’s layout.
  • Redirect Glitches: Effective 301 redirects guide users effortlessly.
  • Mobile Usability Issues: Catering to the mobile audience is non-negotiable for success.

Considerations for Expansive Sites

Bigger sites present unique challenges:

  • Managing Multiple Pages: Guide search engines effectively, especially for e-commerce platforms.
  • Interacting with Dynamic Elements: Ensure lively content is easy to find and interpret.
  • Utilizing Schema Markup: Leverage structured data to enhance clarity for search engines.

Learn more about Structured Data here.

Re-evaluating After Implementing Changes

It’s not just about making improvements. Constant vigilance ensures challenges don’t creep back in. With No Boundaries Marketing Group, we don’t just fix; we foster long-term strategies tailored to your business.

Parting Thoughts

While the tech side of SEO may seem dense, it’s pivotal for digital success. Partnering with No Boundaries Marketing Group ensures a blend of simplicity and effectiveness, creating a digital space that resonates with both users and search engines.

Dive Deeper & Resources

Hungry for more? Our array of resources offers deeper insights into the world of technical SEO. Need hands-on assistance? Just ring us at (602) 377-7773.

Your journey in the digital domain deserves a steady ally. With No Boundaries Marketing Group, let’s sculpt a solid and radiant online presence together.

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