Digital Marketing and Social Media in 2021

Digital Marketing and Social Media in 2021

Digital Marketing and Social Media in 2021

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Social media is an invaluable resource through which businesses can reach out to and convert potential customers while also keeping your brand top of mind to existing clients. Social media marketing needs an agile approach and channel or platform managers must stay on top of current trends within both social and technical developments in order to ensure they are able to exploit all available online opportunities.

2020 saw a big shift in the use of social media for obvious reasons, and while this is certainly a digital marketing opportunity, it has also provided new challenges. Businesses need to make sure their social media audience is continuing to be engaged by their content and that the content is appropriate for their target demographic.

According to studies, 75% of people view adverts as being untrustworthy, so it is important to be able to make use of the many social media platforms to build a relationship with your audience in such a way that you are able to reinforce trust, especially given that far more people are likely to be influenced by the opinions of other customers versus the statements from a business.

In 2021, businesses need to make more of an investment in the relationship they have with customers as well as influencers and employees in order to make sure their important brand messages are being echoed by the voices that are most trusted by customers. It is not enough to just use dynamic imagery and a catchy brand message.


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