How Remote Work Will Score a Strong Win in Coming Years

How Remote Work Will Score a Strong Win in Coming Years

How Remote Work Will Score a Strong Win in Coming Years

by | Mar 3, 2022 | General

Life is not the same after COVID-19. Some models have had smaller efficiency hits, while the new features cement a big win for years to come. We learned to work from home during the pandemic, create work schedules from our couches, attend important work conferences in our pajamas, and turn our bedroom into an office.

Although some companies hope to return to normality and face-to-face activities, the remote work trend projects different statistics worldwide. In the paragraphs below, we will discuss how this work style will score a huge victory soon. We compile the four most important aspects of this phenomenon. Let’s get started.

Outstanding Growth Number

Demand is the first factor to consider to check the impact of this model. In 2021, 58.6 percent of American employees worked remotely (41 percent of that group worked fully remotely), according to Statista. These figures are very interesting considering that the United States has more than 159 million employees. Some of the biggest industries working with the remote system are digital marketing, data science, software development, and more.

Between 2019 and 2020, we see a disproportionate increase outside the usual rhythm of this trend. What was the reason? The coronavirus and sanitary measures. The pandemic consolidated this transition, even though in 2021 and 2022, the restrictions may ease. Remote work has overcome many obstacles and is now more widely accepted than three years ago.

Hybrid Schedules to Reduce the Quits

Did you know the “Great Resignation” movement resulted in job offers with hybrid schedules? Efficient strategies against the coronavirus, competitive salaries to beat inflation, inclusive work environments, meritocracy, and companies that offer hours from home are just some of the most famous reasons behind this trend. Companies adopt these resources to retain their employees.

A hybrid schedule combines workdays at the office and workdays from home. The hours per week designated for each style strictly depend on the company. Usually, this scheme covers one or two days of remote work. The objective is to consolidate a project where employees can meet the company’s goals without the risk of contagion, work comfortably without leaving home, and have flexible plans for everyone.

Efficient Results

One of the concerns of the companies with remote systems was the results. In fact, thousands of companies still prefer the 100 percent face-to-face model because they doubt the efficiency of remote work. However, the tech industry has several offers on the table to guarantee more accurate results.

One of the most common mechanisms is job tracking software. These programs monitor worker activities, check the screen, send task reports, show deadline notifications, count the number of clicks, and much more. Due to the demand for these services, companies such as Slack or ClickUp increased their production to offer project and program management solutions with more accurate results.

Less Anxiety, More Productivity

Stress, anxiety, and overcommitment were a daily part of jobs in America. Remote work will also be key to maintaining the mental stability of workers. Many companies offer psychological help programs, workshops on anxiety and work stress, and flexible schedules all from home! This mission seeks to make the work environment a healthier and more efficient space for everyone, with the goal of increasing and improving output.

How Remote Work Reduces Stress Levels

No Transportation Troubles: The internet and devices are the major tools needed to work from home. In large cities, the transport system can be chaotic, and traffic.
No Eyes on You: Some people cannot work comfortably with supervisors or colleagues watching their activities. Remote work avoids this kind of pressure. Although companies apply for project management programs, you can manage your time and effort every day.
More Comfortable Conditions: Perhaps offices, conference rooms, or uniforms may be somewhat uncomfortable for some. However, these problems do not exist working from home. You choose the clothes and the workplace according to how you feel.


The pandemic was an unexpected stage that, in some ways, helped us think of emergency strategies for future circumstances. Remote work will continue to grow every year until it becomes a consolidated model in all companies around the world. Evaluate the benefits of this method before accepting a job offer and discover how to succeed as a professional from home.


Elizabeth Mackenzie
Founder and CEO

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