Website Security and HTTPS: Securing Your Site and Improving SEO

Website Security and HTTPS: Securing Your Site and Improving SEO

Website Security and HTTPS: Securing Your Site and Improving SEO

by | Aug 17, 2023 | Technical SEO category


In the interconnected world of digital commerce, the lines between website security and SEO are increasingly blurring. No Boundaries Marketing Group recognizes the paramount importance of HTTPS in navigating today’s online realm and is committed to sharing this knowledge.

Understanding Website Security

Website security isn’t just about firewalls and passwords. It’s about protecting data, ensuring user trust, and safeguarding a brand’s reputation. An unsecured website can lead to data breaches, tarnishing the trust that businesses have worked hard to establish.

HTTPS: More Than Just a Prefix

At its core, HTTPS is the secure version of HTTP, the protocol over which data is sent between a browser and a website. The ‘S’ stands for ‘Secure’ and, true to its name, it’s all about security. HTTPS is powered by SSL/TLS certificates, ensuring that the data transferred remains encrypted and away from prying eyes.

Benefits of HTTPS for Website Owners

Protection and Encryption

With HTTPS, data transfers seamlessly and securely, ensuring user details, from addresses to payment info, remain confidential.

Boosting Customer Trust

That little padlock icon in the address bar? It’s a symbol of security, letting users know their data is safe. In an age where online transactions are the norm, trust is paramount.

Enhanced SEO Rankings

Google loves HTTPS. So much so that they consider it a ranking factor. Several businesses have witnessed a noticeable boost in rankings post-migration to HTTPS. At No Boundaries Marketing Group, we’ve seen firsthand the SEO benefits that come with this enhanced security.

Steps to Migrate to HTTPS

Switching might sound technical, but with a clear roadmap, it’s straightforward:

  • Choosing the right SSL/TLS certificate: Depending on your needs, select the certificate that suits your website.
  • Installing it on the server: Once acquired, it’s time to set it up.
  • Configuring your website: Make HTTPS your default. Secure all corners of your site.
  • Addressing mixed content issues: Ensure every part of your site, from images to scripts, uses HTTPS.
  • Telling search engines: Update settings in tools like Google Search Console to let them know about the shift.

Potential Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

While migrating, a few hiccups might arise:

SSL Certificate Expiry

These certificates don’t last forever. Keep an eye on expiry dates and renew them timely.

Mixed Content Warnings

Sometimes, a part of the site might still use HTTP. Regular checks and updates ensure this doesn’t happen.

Website Performance Overhead

Contrary to popular belief, HTTPS doesn’t slow down a site. With proper optimization, performance remains as swift as ever.

Google and HTTPS: A Closer Look

Google’s emphasis on HTTPS has been clear. Past updates have placed secure sites in higher regard, reflected in the SEO rankings. The message is clear: Google values user safety, and so should you.

Maintaining Website Security Beyond HTTPS

HTTPS is just a part of the broader security canvas. Regular updates, security plugins, and adherence to best practices contribute to a holistic defense against online threats.

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