What Is Pay Per Click?

What Is Pay-Per-Click?

What Is Pay-Per-Click?

by | Jan 12, 2023 | General

pay-per-click is a form of sponsored advertising that tracks every click on an advert and charges the user for every click, often from a preset budget. These can be set up by a pay-per-click advertising agency, or by individual users and can be a great way to help your products or services be seen by more people, but as the users are charged for every click of the advert it can quickly become relevant to know how to target the adverts at the very specific audience you want to appeal to.

Using pay-per-click services can give you, in near real-time, a great understanding of what ads are working and why, as well as which adverts are working too broadly, you can also get a very good understanding of which PPC adverts are working the most effectively.

How specific of an audience can you target?

With pay-per-click campaign management, a pay-per-click company will be able to target an audience based on location, age range, sex, language, and even the device they’re using. Additionally, as it is full campaign management the company will be able to manipulate the target audience based on the behavior of the ads, how effectively they’re working, and how many clicks are being converted into sales, or inquiries.

How else can paid search marketing be effective?

The main aim of PPC is to drive sales, but it’s also to drive traffic to your website because the longer a customer spends on your website the more likely they are to buy a product or service or make inquiries, which allows the sales team to seal the deal.

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