What is Website Design And Development?

What Is Website Design And Development?

Website design and development are the two elements behind creating a website and making it functional. Many people will wonder, what is the difference between design and development? The design focuses on the front end of creating a website, the user experience, or UX, if you will, which means making sure that the website looks great and is enticing to the user. Development is making everything in the background of the website work, taking everything the UX designer has created, and linking it all together so each feature functions as it should.

Which is better to be, a web designer vs a web developer?

There are benefits to both and it depends on the person. A web designer is much more focussed on aesthetics, so if you’re a bit more creative, then web design is likely for you. Or if you take particular joy in the inner workings of things and find solutions to fix issues then web development may be your thing. If you’re capable of both there is a bit more money to be made in web development as it is more difficult to learn and, as such, more in demand.

The ideal is to have an understanding of both so you can help both sides work more cohesively together within a web design and development company.

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