10 Digital Marketing Tips for 2021

10 Digital Marketing Tips for 2021

10 Digital Marketing Tips for 2021

by | Mar 1, 2021 | General

Growing a business in 2021 requires a solid digital marketing strategy. So what are the top ten digital marketing tips for 2021?

Ensuring that your business can stand out from the crowd has never been more important. It is crucial to be aware of exactly what it is you are up against in order to stay competitive. While there are a number of resources to check out what your competitors are up to, a simple Google search can often provide you all the information you need!

Blogs have to be present on any list of important digital marketing tips, regardless of the year. Short and sweet is not a concept that applies to blogging. In fact, you are actually more likely to gain more traction and convert new customers if they are longer and more in-depth. Rule of thumb, the more informative, the better. Blogs should always reinforce core content on the website so make sure to inner link those pages.

Did you know Email Marketing returns $44 for every $1 spent? This ROI makes email marketing a very lucrative investment for most businesses. While there are many ways to set up a successful campaign, the goal is to encourage customers to visit your website and engage with a specific area of focus. Broad based emails with dozens and dozens of deals or offers are often overlooked and viewed as spam. Hyperfocus your efforts on specific products or services and you will find a much higher quality lead will come from your work.

Personalization is crucial for customer success in digital marketing, be it using the customer name, sending deals for their location, or making suggestions for similar products. Also, make sure to use personalized imagery wherever possible! Stock photos should be used sparingly.

Remarketing uses cookies to track website visitors and target them again and again on other sites. Remarketing is relatively inexpensive and can yield amazing results when done correctly. Google Ads or the Custom Audience feature on Facebook can be a business’s best friend here!

The three stages of the buyer experience – awareness, consideration, decision – need to have different content for each like an e-commerce page, product category page, and then the actual product page. Remember to take your clients on a journey, don’t just info dump. Help them see the possibilities.

A PPC campaign needs to include Facebook ads to help target people of the right age, gender, and location. Remember, people searching for your product or service are low hanging fruit. They typically already have a desire for your product or service, now you just need to convince them you are the right choice!

Flexibility is vital for success, and businesses need to be ready for any changes in customer preferences and technology. Pay close attention to your analytics so you can see trends as they are happening in real time. Make sure when you start a campaign that you identify what success really looks like. Don’t just say, “I want to acquire 10 new clients.” Think about the value that an ad campaign brings in terms of branding, product awareness, and more.

Creating visual content helps vastly increase the odds of subscriptions and followers. Dynamic images are going to lead businesses into the future. In order to capture someone’s attention, you must first create the visual and then lead them on a journey!

Teaming up with micro-influencers is an effective strategy to advertise niche products to small but interesting demographics. These can be someone local like a Chamber of Commerce representative, networking group, leader of a non-profit, local blogger, or similar! While they may not have the reach of a YouTube star, they can provide amazing connections that shouldn’t be overlooked.

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