How To Attract High-Performing Talent For Your Startup

How To Attract High-Performing Talent For Your Startup

How To Attract High-Performing Talent For Your Startup

by | Jun 4, 2022 | General


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Caption: Improving your online presence will maximize your potential as an employer

The efficiency of your company is highly correlated with the quality of your team. If you hire high-performing employees, your company will increase revenue, maximize production, and retain talent. 

That’s why it’s crucial to set positive standards from the beginning of your hiring process. This guide will show how to attract high-performing candidates by leveraging technology.

How to Identify a High Performing Team

Before creating a recruiting strategy, you need to identify what a high-performing team looks like for your startup. This might be different depending on your business, goals, and expectations. While a software development company may prioritize logical thinking and analytical thinking, a digital marketing company would rather go for more creative traits. 

There are a couple of factors that most highly efficient companies have in common. According to the Impact of Team Performance survey from Think Wise, these are the most prevalent traits of a high-performing team:

  • A sense of direction 
  • Resilience
  • Collaboration 
  • Constant communication
  • A strong sense of commitment

How to Attract High-Performance Talent

Now that you’ve identified what a high-performing team looks like, let’s explore some of the techniques you can implement to hire strong candidates. 

Improve Your Online Presence

Having an online presence is crucial if you want to hire top performers. They’d most likely be on job boards, social media, or their own websites. There’s nothing more daunting for a candidate to discover that their potential employer doesn’t have online visibility. 

There are a couple of things you can try to improve this. You should invest in web development and create an efficient and aesthetically looking website. You should also create profiles on job boards like Indeed, Upwork, and LinkedIn. This will make you approachable and have a better view of your company vision. 

Keep An Eye On Your Reputation

Having a bad or non-existent employer reputation is something that could ruin your plan to attract high performers. Many job hunters’ first stop is your company’s Glassdoor profile to check employees’ reviews. This gives them an honest look at what it’s like to work at your company. 

You can conduct regular surveys to evaluate your company’s performance and address potential issues. Then, you can also encourage your employees to provide honest feedback on Glassdoor or Indeed. 

Showcase Your Company Culture

Your corporate culture is more relevant than you think. Top performers usually work in companies with strong values such as open communication, respect, and trust. It’s a good idea to identify your company’s cultural traits and values and emphasize them. 

This will also help you attract candidates that match your values and vision. Employees are more likely to be productive if they share values with their company. They’ll feel motivated to produce positive outcomes because they know the impact of their roles in the company’s mission. 

Offer Career Training

Career training is another relevant factor that top performers seek. High-performing teams are motivated to learn and scale their potential. That’s why getting career training is such a bonus for them. 

You can offer to pay for a coding bootcamp, online course, or college degree. Not only will this help you retain top talent, but it’ll also increase your company’s productivity. Many platforms and schools such as Udemy, Coursera, and Springboard offer corporate training plans that are affordable and convenient for your company. 

Make A Seamless Application Form

Having an efficient application process can help you attract top performers. Companies are usually unaware of this, but optimizing your application process can increment your odds of hiring efficient talent. 

Prioritize Work-Life Balance

Offering work-life balance is key in today’s job market battle. In today’s economy, many employees feel burnt out, and they want to have flexibility and freedom. That’s why offering this benefit will put you in the spotlight of high-performers. 

In Summary

If you want to attract top talent, you need to optimize your online presence and offer attractive benefits such as career training and flexibility. You must also ease your way by creating a seamless application process and clarifying their doubts on your website. Making information such as your mission, vision, and values visible is also essential.

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